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Makenzie and Zoe

Zoe’s Birth Story by her Father, Johnny Flores

Yes I know I’m being fancy and I have a preface. But I feel after writing this that I should say a few words before people actually read it. This is what happened based on my point of view, it may not be 100% accurate, but it is the best I could remember, it now being a few days after the fact. Being from my point of view this is a very personal record, a diary if you will, with my thoughts and feelings. If this makes you uncomfortable get over it, this is America no one is forcing you to do anything. There are only 2 people who are allowed to contest the facts here presented, Makenzie and Alice, we were the only ones there. J Makenzie will read this before anyone and she may change anything she doesn’t like. Alice you get the short end of the stick. Sorry dude. Ok so now that you have met all the requirements you may now read the record of the birth of my second daughter as recorded by me, Johnny Flores, on this the 21 day of December in the year of our Lord two thousand and eleven @4:02am.

The first I learned that Makenzie might be in labor was around 7pm that Thursday. I had gone to work that day and the day was like any other except for the fact that Makenzie had woke me up that morning which never happened. She usually slept in as much as possible. This morning for what ever reason she couldn’t sleep anymore and so she woke me up. For the past few days and even weeks we had been working everyday to get our new apt unpacked and livable. And today was the day we were going to get rid of a bunch of stuff. So we got up and worked really hard and got a lot done. I was surprised but happy we met our goals for that day. So where was I, oh yes so I was working and Makenzie calls me at work. I could tell from her voice that she was stressed out and worried. She told me she had been having contractions since around 4pm. And she wasn’t sure if she was in labor or not but she asked me to come home b/c she didn’t think she would be able to handle going into labor by herself. I calmed her down and told her to check with the mid wife and see if she could get the contractions to stop and then call me and let me know what she said. I would make sure it was ok if I left work early, and if she was in labor I would come straight home. I didn’t want to leave work if this was a false alarm, so she agreed and said she would call me back. I felt a little excited as I thought that I might soon be a daddy for the second time in my life, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up and it was still pretty early for her to be going into labor.

About a few weeks prior to this Makenzie was sick with a stomach virus, which gave us a “labor” scare when the sickness made Makenzie start to have contractions but the midwife was able to make them stop. So I was hoping that this was the case again b/c we really were not prepared to have a baby yet. We weren’t not prepared its just that there was still some things we needed to do before the baby came.

I asked someone if I could leave work early and they said it shouldn’t be a problem. So I felt good and went back to work. A few hours later I hadn’t heard from Makenzie so I went to call her. At this point I have two trains of thought, first that the midwife was able to tell Makenzie something that stopped the contractions and everything was now fine, and the second that something horrible had happened. These being the usual two things I think when I’m worried about Makenzie. So I called her and she didn’t answer. So now I’m not sure what to think but I reassure myself that everything is ok or else Makenzie would have called me. I tried calling again and again she didn’t answer. A little more worried I went back to work confident that she would call me if she needed me. Sure enough she called me back before I got back to my desk. It was now probably around late 9 early 10 o’clock. She told me on the phone that she didn’t answer b/c she was on the phone with the midwife. And the midwife gave her some suggestions and told her to time her contractions and call her back. Makenzie still wasn’t sure if this was the real thing. But she thought it was ok if I stayed till the end of my shift (11:30pm) and she told me to find a ride home so I could get home as soon as possible. (At this point I was walking home from work, which took about 40mins.) So I finished my work which as it happened I was able to do with time to spare, so that I was able to do my end of the week stuff which I normally do on Friday on Thursday. As a friend was driving me home I was wondering how Makenzie was doing. Was she able to stop the contractions? As I got out of the car I told my friend if I didn’t show up for work tomorrow it was because I had a new baby! I ran up to our apartment, and walked inside to find everything calm and peaceful just like any other day. I heard Makenzie talking on the phone in the bedroom, so I put my work stuff away and went to the bathroom; it looked like someone had thrown up in the toilet. So I went into the bedroom wondering if Makenzie was sick again with the stomach virus. When I came in the room she was laying on the bed propped up with some pillows talking to Alice the midwife on the phone. I don’t remember if I asked her if she was still in labor or sick, but if I did I didn’t need to because the next moment she told Alice to hold on a second. She put the phone down closed her eyes and started humming, not to loud just long monotone hmmmmmmms. Her face was very serious and concentrated. When the contraction passed she picked up the phone and apologized to Alice and then continued their conversation. While this was going on I saw the trash can lying beside her on the bed and knew she wasn’t feeling good. I also saw a small pad of paper with times written about every ten minutes apart. After a few minuets of talking she handed the phone to me and then closed her eyes and started humming again.

Alice was on the phone telling me she was on her way as fast as she could come, giving me some directions for Makenzie and then asking for some more details on how to get to our new apartment. For this conversation I left Makenzie to her concentrated humming and went into the living room. My mind starting to race with all the things that we still needed to do before the baby came, not stuff like where is the baby going to sleep, more like how am I going to blow up a small swimming pool and fill it with water and where am I going to put it. By the time I got off the phone with Alice I had formulated some sort of game plan, timing would be critical to make sure everything got done as fast as possible. First thing is first, check on Makenzie. Going back in the room I laid down next to her and asked how she was doing, snoop came and got in bed with me, as we quickly talked she apologized for throwing up and I told her it was ok. With the next contraction she was sick again, and then she started to lose it, with a streak of panic in her voice she said, “this isn’t working.” I was thinking what is she talking about? Her body? “What do you mean?” “This! All of this!” waiving her arms in circles, “Snoop on the bed, you in here talking, you are messing up my atmosphere I can’t concentrate! You need to do something and fix it!” so I said “its ok, I’ll put Snoop in his carrier and let you concentrate.” After that I was able to get the few bits of information I needed from her gave her my phone with a stopwatch to time contractions without writing them down and made sure she was drinking water after every contraction, and that’s about it. From then on she was in the zone. And it was my job to keep her there.

Having a little less than nine months to plan for this moment there was a lot we wanted for this birth and all of it was talked about and carefully selected to fit our budget and what Makenzie wanted. There was the noise, pure ocean waves with no songs of birds. The afore mentioned pool. The Birth Kit, which was a list of things the Midwife requested like a shower curtain, towels, rags, rubbing alcohol etc… We had finally gathered together all of the required items and had only to finish getting them ready. (All of the cloth involved in the birth, towels, baby clothes and so on, had to be washed and dried in a certain way, this was some of the laundry Makenzie had done that day, or should I say mostly done but not finished, mental note to self go put things in dryer before the baby comes!)

Back to business, First I brought in the laptop and opened itunes something that sounds simple but in the circumstances took longer than it should because I couldn’t remember what the stupid icon for itunes looked like. I never even use itunes except with the ipod which if you remember when you plug your ipod in it opens itunes for you. I almost made the stupid mistake of going to my fail safe when I can’t remember something. Which is to ask my wife. As I look back I am glad I didn’t interrupt her in the middle of a contraction for her to point out to me which one of the icons was itunes. I found it and got that done.

The water at our apt is straight city water so basically you can’t drink it. Checking our water supply in the fridge I noted that is was dangerously low. We had a little bit, but if the labor was like last time we would need some more, it would be really bad to run out of water with a wife in labor, remember drinks of water after every contraction are a must, dehydration is very bad, think running a marathon without water in the desert. Mental note to self, no one drinks water except for Makenzie!

Put on two big pots of water on the stove to boil. Now I call my mom to let her know this is it! She was supposed to be here to document the whole thing. And in one last measure of inspiration I remember the water and ask her to pick some up on the way. Sweet! one less thing to worry about, two birds with one stone. Run down stairs start the dryers, and run back up stairs go check on Makenzie.

Calmly, quietly, open the door, you can almost taste the peacefulness. Makenzie still in the same position humming through another contraction. When its over I break the silence “I called my mom she’s on her way, the clothes are in the dryer, Alice should be here soon, do you need anything?”

-Makenzie “I want my birth pool NOW!”

“Ok I’ll get it for you.” Quietly leave.

By far the biggest obstacle was the birth pool. This consisted of a kiddy pool about 7ft in diameter with walls 1 ½ ft high, this needed to be blown up filled up with hot water and placed in a non cluttered peaceful place where Makenzie could continue her concentrated humming. I knew where to put it b/c Makenzie told me where she wanted it to go a few days ago. Like a mad dog I cleared out the dining area of all the boxes and stuff that was cluttering up the majority of our small apt. Easy. Now how in the world do you blow up a small swimming pool, to do it by mouth was out of the question it would take at least a week and I had about as much time as you would think is meant when a pregnant woman in the throws of labor tells you “NOW!” I had the beginnings of a foggy harebrained scheme, an option I had thought of before which now became my one last dyeing hope. A few months ago my mom had given us a spare air mattress they didn’t need and it had an air pump! Now I just have to find it in a messy house full of boxes, and hope its not in the closet of the room where the 1yr old was sleeping, waking up the little princess would not add to moms peaceful atmosphere.

After a logical quick search I decided this was important enough to consult with the boss, before having to risk stealth mode in an almost 2yr olds room.

Calmly, quietly, open the door. Wait for the right time. You would almost think she was sleeping without the humming. “Babe you don’t happen to know where the air mattress is do you?” “No I don’t think so, is it in the hall closet?” “I’ll ck” calmly exit.

I had already ck the closet, but experience told me my wife’s guesses where better than most people’s facts. A double ck of the closet revels the sought after item hiding under a bunch of stuff in the back of the closet.

Now the real fun began, you know that really cool little adapter some air pumps have that let you attach it and fill up any thing that has that infamous plastic air port, ya well this one didn’t have that. So I got to exercise the knack I have for building stuff honed over the years and focused now by pressure and having no time. I now know what it is like to have perfect clarity in stressful crazy situations when instead you should be panicking. As my mind raced I just kept saying, “What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?” over and over, and then bam! The light went on and I McGivired an adapter out of a funnel, rag, the inside of a pen and some duck tape. The real miracle being that I was able to find all those items in the first place. As I was airing up the pool the midwife calls, she is close and needs further directions. The midwife is almost here time to regroup and see where every thing is at, the clothes in the dryer should almost be done, pots of boiling water on the stove to go into the pool, and the pool almost full of air, ok we got this.

The midwife arrives soon after, I let Makenzie know I’m going down to let Alice in, I help her with all her stuff, we take the stairs (don’t need to get stuck in a elevator now.) on the way I tell Alice our greatest fear, with Stella at about this point we went to the hospital and they checked Makenzie and she was only at 2cm. (for those who don’t know you need a 10 to have a baby, 2cm is like some one saying “oh hi, how are you? Out of breath? Can’t walk? That’s cool. You see that big mountain you just climbed, well that’s NOT the mountain, that’s just a foothill, your climbing Everest today and its right here. Do you want to go back home till your really ready? Or should I show you how far you still have to go.”) Needless to say last time that crushed the spirits of Makenzie and we didn’t want that again. We got inside and I show her to Makenzie, helped her get her stuff set out and then ran down to get the towels out of the dryer. With that we now had everything the midwife required to deliver the baby ready, about two weeks after they told us to have it ready. But it was ready on time.

I went on to work on the pool, finally finished blowing it up and just put the first pot of water in it when I heard Makenzie call my name.

“JOHNNY, come here.”

I ran to the bedroom to see Makenzie standing funny leaning with her hands on the wall above her head. “This must be a position the midwife told her to get in to help with the labor” I thought.

“She’s coming” Makenzie stressed, “something leaked on the floor.”

Now I’m thinking “holy cow her water just broke!”

-Alice “ok Makenzie you need to lay back down on the bed”

-Makenzie “I can’t move, she’s coming”

-Alice “Makenzie I can’t help you unless you lay down so I can check you so I know how to help you.”

-Makenzie “ok, ok what do I do?”

-Alice “lay down on the bed, here I’ll help you, Johnny grab her other side and help her lay down.

We ease her down to about a foot above the mattress, then she plops down, “that could not have been comfortable” I think.

Alice checks her and with a smile “ok Makenzie she’s right there, I can see her hair” “you just have to push her out”

I’m thinking “dude I can’t believe she is almost here! This was so quick!” I look down at my wife, she is so amazing. Another contraction, here we go.

-Alice “Johnny do you want to catch.”

-Me “No Makenzie is going to”

-Alice “ok Makenzie, I’m going to make sure the head comes out ok then I’m going to need your hands down here to catch” “Johnny give me those towels”

It starts; there is no humming this time, no, now it is a full-blown war cry! There was no fear in her voice, not a cry of pain, but a yell, a roar, a cry of power! Only those who have given their all and had nothing left to give, but yet summoned every ounce of their being for one last great effort, could know and understand the tones and notes of this one last triumphant noise that brought my beautiful baby girl into this world. If you are not one of these few I pity you for you have not yet lived, you do not yet know your full potential, nor will you ever know until you have reached you limits, the ceilings you place on yourself and smash your way through them.

She yells and then screams “Oh my God!”

The head slowly comes out rotating till her face is up, and I see for the first time, those tiny eyes closed tight, her daddy’s nose, the little mouth that will utter a lifetime of words, a little wrinkly face trimmed with short brown hair, my Zoe!

-Alice “you see the head rotating to present?” “Good job Makenzie” “let me ck the cord”

Alice feels around the neck “no cord everything is fine” she grabs Mackenzie’s hands and puts them on Zoe’s face

Makenzie snaps back in to the present, and says “my baby, its my baby”

-Alice “ok one more push and she will be out and you can pull her up”

The last contraction, and Makenzie makes a cry of joy and relief as she pulls Zoe out and up onto her, “I can’t believe I did it!” she exclaims “I can’t believe she is here, she is so tiny!” and she starts to sob.

Joy and happiness filled my soul! A brand new baby! I was elated! I wanted to jump for joy and shout the good news to our neighbors! Which I kind of did in fact. Zoe needed clothes and hers were still in the dryer so I ran down to get them. On my way down the stairs our neighbors on the second floor right below us were out side and they saw me running down the stairs. When I spotted them I couldn’t help exclaim, “I’m a Daddy!” “We had a home birth and my wife just had a baby girl!”

The two men looked astonished. “Congratulations!” one of them said “just now?” “We heard someone screaming”

“ya that was the baby crowning”

“Is everybody alright?”

“Ya we are great, we had a midwife and everything was fine.”

The two neighbors laughing “well congratulations that’s awesome, what is her name?”

“Zoe Marie”

“Awesome well we will have to send you a Christmas present some time”

Me “thank you!”

The rest of the night is kind of a blur, I cut the cord then the placenta came and Alice told us about it, what the different parts were, what she was checking and what it meant. Alice checked Makenzie and Zoe and made sure everything was ok. Makenzie got some stitches and Zoe got a shot. Alice did a lot of cleaning, instructing and checking. I went for food at Whataburger, the only place open. My mom got there around 5 or 6am with the water. And we didn’t go to bed till about 8am just before Stella woke up. We slept for a couple of hours and then woke up and got to see Stella meet Zoe for the first time, she was so excited!

On a side note, this was told to me by Makenzie and Alice as I wasn’t in the room when it happened. But I thought it worth mentioning. Right before Makenzie pushed the baby out her wave music ended and the next song on the play list started. It was Superhero by DJ Sanryd so it went from calm ocean waves to techno music and bam Zoe was ready to come out. I thought that was cool.

What I witnessed that day was nothing less than a miracle, flesh from my flesh and blood of my blood, a brand new human being, conceived from an act of love, carried for 39 weeks out of love, and born into the arms of love. Truly a gift from God, and I will do all that is in my power to love and cherish that gift with every fiber of my being, not until my dying day, but forever and ever through the eternities. What was made that day was a connection that will last through time, an unbreakable bond that not even satan and all the host of hell could shake. I know I will be with my family forever. Stella you will be a wonderful big sister, Zoe I can’t wait to get to know you. Makenzie, the words “Thank you” are inadequate for all that you have given me, you have shown me a love and a sacrifice that have no equal. My heart is full, and my joy abounds, Thank you for giving me friendship, trust, loyalty, love and two beautiful daughters. I am forever in your debt.

My second beautiful baby girl was born on December 16th 2011 at 1:21am she was 6lbs 12oz. and 20 inches long. She came 9 days early.

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