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Alice, Melanie, and Nicholas at a postpartum visit. Melanie gave birth to Nicolas 11-29-10

My birth story began the same as with my first child…plans of going to the hospital with doctors running the show. My sister-in-law, however, had her last child at home and kept teasing me about if I wanted to borrow her blow-up pool (the pool she used to give birth). She planted the seed of a home birth and after a few months I conceded and received a referral to visit Alice. After our first consult visit (I was already five months pregnant), I felt at home and at peace with my decision and there was no turning back.

The support and guidance during my pregnancy was wonderful. I always came with my list of questions and felt I could talk to Alice forever until answered. I never felt rushed and was amazed I would always be there for one to two hours. The other clients in the waiting room were always friendly and everyone seemed to just visit and it felt like family. This has never and would never be the case at the doctor’s office.

The birth of my child at home was an amazing experience. I cannot stress enough how much more meaningful and special it was. My three year old was able to be a part of it and to be at home to recover was much more comforting.

The birth all started at 2:00am with slight contractions. I called Alice at 3:00am and she said to just rest the best that I could. At 6:00am the contractions became quicker and stronger and Alice got prepared and headed my way. At about 7:30am Alice arrived and checked me over and we moved to the bathtub and began pushing. By 8:37, my beautiful baby boy had arrived. It was quick and I think when allowed to go to term and without medical/hospital intervention, nature takes its course and has a way of making it all happen. Again, Alice was great support for the birth process and things went very smooth. She was there from early morning until the early afternoon making sure my baby and I were taken care of and medically okay. She is like a second mom!

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