Alice Brayer of Home Birth Services, The Baby Cottage, and now Houston Birth Services, passionately provided a very special service to over 2000 mothers, their babies, and families. Women are treated with love and respect, empowering them to achieve their goal for natural childbirth in a comfortable, familiar home setting.

Childbearing is basically a normal, yet significant event for every family. Mothers have the right to birth in the location, and with, the caregiver of her choice. A mother’s satisfying birth experience, supported with dignity and compassion, will flow into the first precious days with her newborn, and be fondly recalled throughout her lifetime.

Most women considering our care, hope to have a natural birth with minimal technical interventions. We believe that a program of excellent diet, exercise, and supplements greatly increase succeeding in this goal.

Those who adhere to this philosophy can expect to:

Experience shorter labors, both active labor and pushing phase.
Experience a shorter recovery after her birth.
Avoid small for gestational age, as well as large for gestational age newborns.
Avoid prematurity and post maturity.
Reduce the risk of placental abruption.
Reduce various anemias and infections.
Largely prevent metabolic toxemia of late pregnancy (also called HELLP syndrome). This complication can be deadly.
Reduce the common complaints of pregnancy, such as edema, leg cramps, and frequent urinary tract infections.
Achieve a more successful breastfeeding experience.

We want to hear your questions or concerns, and work by your side to achieve the best possible pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience.